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We hope we can answer your questions below in our FAQ, but if not, feel free to contact us!


What is your shipping policy?

  • We currently ship within Canada and the United States 📦 See our full shipping policy here 
  • Free Shipping Canada-wide on orders over $75.00 (CAD)
  • We offer Flat Rate shipping on orders $74.99 and under (CAD):
    • Ontario & Quebec: $10.00 flat rate shipping fee 
    • Rest of Canada: $15.00 flat rate shipping fee

    Where can I buy your candles?

    How should I care for my candles? 

    • Check out our Candle Care for helpful tips to get the most out of your candles
    • The first time you use your candles:
      • No need to trim the wick, you can light it as is 
      • Burn it for at least 2 hours or until the entire top layer has melted. This will help the life of your candle and avoid tunnelling 
      • Every time after that:
        • Trim the wick to ⅛” - 3/16" before lighting before you burn the candle using wick trimmers (or scissors) 
        • Burn your candle until the entire top layer melts (and no more than 4 hours at a time)
        • Keep your candle free from any debris, such as wick trimmings
        • Always follow the safety warning on the bottom of your candle

      Can I send candles and other products as a gift? 

      • Yes! We would be happy to send a gift on your behalf. We can also include a special note at no additional charge. Simply write your gift note in the "additional notes" on the shopping cart page (before checkout) and make sure the shipping address is the gift recipient's address. We do not send paper receipts and our packaging does not show any prices 

      Do you offer gift cards?

      • Yes! Our virtual gift card options are available hereOnce purchased, virtual gift cards will be delivered to the email you specified during checkout 

      What ingredients do you use?

      • All of our ingredients and materials are thoughtfully sourced and selected to be safe for people and the environment. Our candles are made with 100% soy wax flakes from soybeans which are a renewable resource. We use wood wicks that are FSC certified, making them eco-friendly and clean-burning. We use quality fragrance oils that are paraben-free, phthalate-free and vegan. We do not test on animals and our ingredients are cruelty-free. Our candle packaging is plastic free and our packaging is recyclable and reusable. 

      Are your candles vegan?

      • Yes! Our candles are made with soy wax from soybeans and our fine fragrance oils are vegan.

      Do you offer wholesale? 

      • Yes! If you own a store or business and are interested in adding Bright Candle Co. to your shop, you can find more information about our application here

      How can I reuse the candle jar? 

      • It’s easy! Simply soak your jar in warm, soapy water to remove the natural ingredients and wipe clean. Feel free to share how you reuse your candle jars on social as we would love to see it's new life 

        What is your return and exchanges policy? 

        • We hope that you’ll love your order when it arrives but if something isn’t right we are happy to help. See our full policy here

        Get in touch.