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Saturday Candle

Saturday Candle

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Vanilla cream, caramel, coconut, brown sugar

BESTSELLER: An Italian vanilla gelato on a sunny day. Live like every day is Saturday, with feel-good notes of sweet vanilla cream, coconut, caramel, and brown sugar. La dolce vita, or the sweet life, is all about enjoying life’s little pleasures, enjoy this one any day of the week.

Why You’ll Love It: 

  • Vanilla is sweet, warm, and comforting, a perfect everyday scent 

  • Wooden wick has a comforting crackling sound when burning 

  • Hand-poured with love in small batches from our studio in The Beach, Toronto



Size: 10 oz., approximately 65-70 hour burn time

Packaging: Plastic-free packaging that can be reused, recycled and/or is biodegradable

Good to Know: We donate 1% of our profits to 1% for the Planet® and work together with vetted environmental organizations to support our planet’s most pressing issues


100% soy wax made in the USA (for an eco-friendly, clean burn), FSC-certified wood wick, and fragrance oils (paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan and cruelty-free)

Candle Care

These tips will help you safely enjoy and get the most out of your candles. Always follow the safety warning label on the bottom of your candle. 

The first time you use your candle:

  • No need to trim the wick, you can light it as is 
  • Light your candle with a lighter or match for about 5 seconds at the base of the wick to allow the flame to spread across the entire top of the wick and properly fuel the flame 
  • Burn it for at least 2 hours or until it has a full melt pool that goes to the edge of the jar. This will help the life of your candle and avoid tunnelling 
  • When your candle is lit, avoid touching or moving it and keep it away from drafts, flammable materials, pets and children

Every time after that:

  • Trim your wick to ⅛” - 3/16" using a wick trimmer or nail clippers before lighting - this is very important
  • Burn until you have a full melt pool (and no more than 4 hours at a time)

Always remember: 

  • If your candle flame burns out after being lit, simply relight it until the flame catches 
  • It is normal for the flame to dip in and out on different burns, as long as it does not fully go out. Room temperature, location, drafts, and other elements can impact how your candle burns so keep these tips in mind 
  • When your candle is lit, avoid touching or moving it and keep it away from drafts, flammable materials, pets and children
  • Keep your candle free from any debris, such as wick trimmings
  • Always follow the safety warning on the bottom of your candle 
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended 
  • Burn candles on a level surface away from any drafts and out of reach of children and pets 
  • Always leave at least 4 inches between burning candles 
  • Do not burn candles on or near any flammable materials
  • Candle jar will be hot while lit, please do not touch it or move it while lit 
  • Always snuff out a candle by using a candle snuffer (instead of blowing it out

Candle almost done?

  • When the candle has 5mm of wax remains, it's considered done (do not burn it all the way down to the bottom as that could cause the jar to get too hot and to crack or for other issues to arise)  
  • You can now give the candle jar a new life by recycling or reusing it
  • To reuse it, simply fill the candle jar with warm soapy water, remove the wick and wipe clean
  • We can refill your candle for you - Get a candle refill

If you have any questions or need any help, please get in touch with us at

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